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Readings & Links
Download readings:

Radical Psychiatry: The Second Decade, edited by Claude Steiner and Beth Roy

Mediation by Becky Jenkins and Claude Steiner

Radical Psychiatry: An Approach to Personal and Political Change by Beth Roy

Guidelines for preparing for mediation: interpersonal
Guidelines for preparing for mediation: organizational

For White People on How to Listen When Race Is the Subject by Beth Roy

Goody Two-Shoes and the Hell-Raisers by Beth Roy

Stuff White People Don't Like to Talk About by Carol Blecker


Claude Steiner's webpage offers free downloads of radical therapy and emotional literacy literature.

Cynthia Luna and Max Freund provide leadership services.

Julia Kelliher and the Skills for Change Collective offer services in Nevada City and environs.

Mariah Breeding offers consultation for individuals and families.

Ellen Morrison conducts art therapy workshops; she also works with children and adults.

Books and articles reflecting Beth Roy's research and conflict resolution work in the realm of multiculturalism can be found on her website, as well as on the website for the Practitioners Research and Scholarship Institute.

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